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Member areas of interest

OpenFeature technical committee members, maintainers, and approvers may list their areas of interest below, to help the community to find good points of contact for topics of interest across the project.

Technical committee members are required to list these areas of interest, and this is optional for maintainers and approvers. These listings may be useful to find an appropriate person to tag on an issue, for example.

Members who are specifically employed by a company to contribute to the OpenFeature project are recommended to list their company affiliation, so that they may be contacted with vendor-specific concerns.

Technical committee members

Dan O’Brien, LaunchDarkly

Todd Baert, Dynatrace

Steve Arch, CloudBees

Maintainers and approvers

Maintainers and approvers are invited to list their areas of interest to further assist the community in finding appropriate points of contact.

Alois Reitbauer, Dynatrace

Ben Rometsch, Flagsmith

Justin Abrahms, eBay

Alex Jones, Canonical

Michael Beemer, Dynatrace

Pete Hodgson, Independent

David Hirsch, Dynatrace

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