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Standardizing Feature Flagging for Everyone

What's a Feature Flag?

Feature flags are a software development technique that allows teams to enable, disable or change the behavior of certain features or code paths in a product or service, without modifying the source code.

What's OpenFeature?

OpenFeature is an open specification that provides a vendor-agnostic, community-driven API for feature flagging that works with your favorite feature flag management tool or in-house solution.

Why standardize?

Standardizing feature flags unifies tools and vendors behind a common interface, avoiding vendor lock-in at the code level. It provides a framework for building extensions and integrations that can be shared across the community.

Open source

Community driven feature flagging

OpenFeature is an open source CNCF incubating project under the Apache 2 license. Check out the project on GitHub and consider joining the OpenFeature community!

Features 01
Avoid code-level lock-in

One SDK, any backend

OpenFeature is designed to work with any feature flag management tool or in-house solution. This enables you to switch between platforms or consolidate multiple platforms much more easily.

  • Continue to use your current solution
  • Combine multiple solutions behind a single interface
  • Try a new solution without a code refactor
Developed with the industry

Supports your favorite tools

OpenFeature has broad industry support, and many of the top open source and commercial tools have created officially-supported providers.

  • Works with your favorite vendor
  • Integrates with popular open source projects
  • Add support to your home grown solution
Ultimate flexibility

Speaks your language

OpenFeature supports many of the top programming languages, with more on the way.