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Community Members

Governance Board

This is the current Governance Committee, per the Governance Committee Charter, in alphabetical order:

currently there is one vacant seat

NOTE: In April 2022 Project Maintainers assigned five seven individuals to be members of the Bootstrap Governing Committee. This is a temporary arrangement that should be replaced by an elected governing body before March 2024. Two seats remain vacant at the moment

Technical Committee

This is the current Technical Committee, per the Technical Committee Charter, in alphabetical order:

  • Dan O’Brien, LaunchDarkly, term: April 28, 2022 - April 28, 2023
  • Todd Baert, Dynatrace, term: April 28, 2022 - April 28, 2023
  • Steve Arch, CloudBees, term: April 28, 2022 - April 28, 2023

Community Management

These are community maintainers, responsible for cross-functional project communications, events, and other functions as needed.

David Hirsch Dynatrace

Project roles

The following project roles are defined at the moment: Community Participant, Contributor, Organization Member, Triager, Approver, Maintainer, Technical Committee Member, Bootstrap Governance Committee Member. These roles are defined below.

See Contributor Ladder for additional information.

In addition to the elected maintainer roles, 3 individuals get the maintainer status at the inception of the project:

  • Michael Beemer, @beeme1mr, Dynatrace
  • Alois Reitbauer, @AloisReitbauer, Dynatrace/CNCF/Keptn
    • Oleg Nenashev, @oleg-nenashev, Dynatrace/CDF/Jenkins/Keptn