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2023 OpenFeature Governance Committee Candidates

In December 2023 we will hold the first election with 4 positions to be elected from the current Governance committee and 3 members from the community. The 4 members that are elected from the current governance board will have a one year term and the 3 elected from the community will have a two year term.

Current Governance committee members (4 seats open, with 1 year term)

List of new candidates (3 seats open, with 2 year term)

In alphabetical order:

David Hirsch

  • Company: Dynatrace
  • GitHub: DavidPHirsch
  • Description: Open Source Program manager at Dynatrace and maintainer for Keptn, and for the OpenFeature community Repository, also a CNCF Ambassador. Driver for the Incubation Proposal and the participation of the Project in CNCF events.

Johan Rydberg

  • Company: Spotify
  • GitHub: jrydberg
  • Description: General Manager for Experimentation at Spotify. Led the teams building the internal experimentation platform at Spotify, and most recently leading the efforts around Confidence, the commercial incarnation of Spotify's experimentation platform.

Jonathan Norris

  • Company: DevCycle
  • GitHub: jonathannorris
  • Description: Co-Founder & CTO @ DevCycle + Taplytics. I've built products in the A/B Testing + Feature Flagging space for over ten years across Taplytics and DevCycle. I've become a strong believer in the OpenFeature project over the last year, and look forward to helping support the future of the project. I hope to bring our experience working with large customers building with Feature Flags across both Client and Server-side use-cases.

Konrad Niemiec

  • Company: Lekko
  • GitHub: konradjniemiec
  • Description: Founder & CEO @ Lekko. I've built dev tools for many years and have been exposed to many feature flagging and dynamic configuration tools at many organization. I am really excited to have contributed some big tech ideas over the last few year, and hope to contribute to OpenFeature by making it truly open. I hope to have measurable contributions in migration tooling, common code generaiton, and best practices for SDKs and other tools just getting started in feature flagging.

Kamil Nowosad

  • Company: Google
  • GitHub: kamil-nowosad
  • Description: Software Engineer at Google working on feature flags and experiments. I'm interested in growing popularity of OpenFeature and feature flags technology in general. I strongly support development of open standards around OpenFeature such as: Remote Flag Evaluation Protocol, Flag Definition Language (low-level machine-optimized and/or high-level human-optimized), config validations / policy checking (incl. static analysis) and telemetry.

Weyert de Boer

  • Company: FNZ
  • GitHub: weyert
  • Description: Working on the API Ecosystem team, an end-user of OpenFeature, full supporter of the project, and love to help support to share an end-users point of view and experience, helped improve the OpenSLO standard.

Drew Gorton - WITHDRAWN

  • Company: Unleash
  • GitHub: dgorton
  • Description: Developer Relations leader and current head of DevRel for Unleash. I've helped organize and lead Open Source communities for 15+ years. Built a successful developer tool SaaS, and helped several small open-source developer platforms grow in adoption and scale. I believe that feature flags are an emergent engineering best practice, and I would like to support the adoption of open-source, cross-platform standards.

Janek Łukaszewicz - WITHDRAWN

  • Company: Google
  • GitHub: oxddr
  • Description: Working on Google-internal platform for feature flagging and A/B testing. Interested in OpenFeature from the perspective of the end-used that happen to be a large enterprise. I have an experience working with large-scale backend services and building a feature flag solution for them. I believe feature flags are simple and effective mean to improve software reliability and thus I strongly believe in OpenFeature initiative.