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Appendix A: Included Utilities

This document contains requirements for auxiliary utilities provided by the SDK, such as testing utilities.

In-memory provider

Language-specific OpenFeature SDK implementations SHOULD expose an in-memory provider built into the SDK.

The in-memory provider is intended to be used for testing; SDK consumers may use it for their use cases. Hence, the packaging, naming, and access modifiers must be set appropriately.

Given below are features this provider MUST support,

  • Provider must be initiated with a pre-defined set of flags provided to a constructor
  • Feature Flag structure must be minimal but should help to test OpenFeature specification
  • EvaluationContext support should be provided through callbacks/lambda expressions
  • Provider must support a means of updating flag values, resulting in the emission of PROVIDER_CONFIGURATION_CHANGED events
  • Provider must be maintained to support specification changes

SDK end-to-end testing

E2E tests must utilize in-memory provider defined within the SDK and must be self-contained.

OpenFeature project maintains an end-to-end(e2e) test suite defined with Gherkin syntax. These test definitions reside in Appendix B

flowchart LR subgraph SDK A[e2e Tests] -.-> B[In-memory provider] end