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Flag Definition & Flag Evaluation Protocol Standardization Discussion

· 2 min read
Todd Baert

Currently, the OpenFeature specification describes a vendor-neutral API for flag evaluation. It does not describe a flag definition language, or a flag evaluation wire protocol. Consequently, the only means of integration with the OpenFeature SDK is to implement a provider in the relevant programming language(s), which serves as an adaptor between the OpenFeature evaluation API and the flag management system powering the provider.


Providers must be implemented for multiple languages and vendors. Turnkey, self-hosted applications can't easily leverage OpenFeature (they would need to support some kind of plugin system to allow a provider to be specified and configured). Infrastructure as code solutions and PaaS providers have no standard on which to base vendor-neutral feature flag definitions.

This is an exciting area of research from a project perspective. With this, teams who are building a feature flagging solution could implement a simple API and have API clients in many of the major languages. It's a big win for new entrants / internal products, as well as simplifies the workload of adding Open Feature support for existing vendors.

  • Justin Abrahms

Let's Discuss!

We’ve started a GitHub discussion, and we will be holding a meeting on October 19, 2023 from 10:00am - 11:00am ET (4:00pm - 5:00pm CET) to discuss this topic in detail. The goal of this meeting is to gauge interest from users, organizations, vendors, maintainers of associated open source projects, and feature flag subject matter experts - with the potential of forming a Special Interest Group (SIG), or something similar, around this problem.