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OpenFeature at KubeCon EU '24

· 3 min read
Todd Baert
Software Engineer at Dynatrace, OpenFeature maintainer

It's that time again, KubeCon EU!

We have a lot going on this week, and we'd love to meet you! Join a session, get your hands dirty at the Contribfest, and come see us at the booth! See below for details and links.

OpenFeature Lightning Talk

Speakers: Mike Beemer
Time: 10:10 CET, Tue, 19 Mar 2024
Location: Pavilion 7 | Level 7.1 | Room D


Feature Management Improv

Whether for the purposes of legal compliance, marketing strategy, or simply because the entire solution is not yet ready, at some point you’ve probably had to write some crude code to manage the availability of a feature. Maybe this code enables a feature for a set of preview customers. Maybe it disables a feature in a jurisdiction with rigorous compliance laws. Though it has nothing to do with your problem domain, it’s still code that needs to be maintained, shipped, and tested. The good news is, a robust feature management solution combined with an observability platform can turn what was previously tech debt into an invaluable asset. Join us for an interactive session where we demonstrate the power of feature flags with OpenFeature. We’ll be doing some feature release improv with a real application, showing you how you can remove cruft, deploy with less risk, experiment safely in production, and use feature-flag telemetry to gain unique insights. Bring your phone. 😉

Speakers: Todd Baert
Track: SDLC
Time: 17:25, Wed, 20 Mar 2024
Location: Pavilion 7 | Level 7.3 | Paris Room

Observable Feature Rollouts

As software grows in size and complexity, rolling out new features in a highly distributed application, and understanding their impact, becomes an increasingly difficult task. OpenFeature and OpenTelemetry provide a set of vendor-agnostic and cloud-native APIs and SDKs for dynamic feature flag evaluation, and cloud-native observability. In this session, we walk through the process of instrumenting an application with OpenTelemetry, rolling out a new feature with OpenFeature, and leveraging OpenTelemetry for feature analytics. We will discuss the tradeoffs between traces, metrics, and the new events API, when each is appropriate, and how to make the same decision for your own application. We show that by using OpenTelemetry and OpenFeature together, you can easily understand the impact a feature has on your users' experience across cohorts, regions, and environments to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Speakers: Michael Beemer, Daniel Dyla
Track: SDLC
Time: 16:00 CET, Fri, 22 Mar 2024
Location: Pavilion 7 | Level 7.1 | Room A


Contribfest is an opportunity for contributors to help any way they'd like: implement an integration with a pet-project, create a provider that uses another CNCF service as a flag-management backend, implement a missing feature in an SDK or flagd, create a SDK for your favorite framework, or add an SBOM to one to one of the existing artifacts.

Facilitators: Todd Baert, Thomas Poignant, Lukas Reining
Time: 11:00 CET, Fri, 22 Mar 2024
Location: Pavilion 7 | Level 7.3 | W05

Booth, Project Pavilion

Find us at the booth in the Project Pavilion, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoon.