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· 2 min read
Todd Baert

Renaming the @openfeature/js-sdk

It's been said that there's only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things. Here at the OpenFeature project we can attest to both, but today we'd like to talk about naming.

What's changed

In order to avoid confusion, we recently renamed our server-side JavaScript SDK. We've deprecated the @openfeature/js-sdk and published the same package under a new name: @openfeature/server-sdk.

Why we made this change

With the introduction of the @openfeature/web-sdk, we heard many stories of users having trouble due to incorrectly importanting modules; either importing modules meant for the web in a Node.JS context, or vice-versa. This problem was exacerbated by the fact the server-side SDK was called @openfeature/js-sdk, which doesn't indicate it's intended for server-side JavaScript runtimes such as Node.JS. With our new naming scheme, it's clear that @openfeature/server-sdk is useful for the server, while @openfeature/web-sdk should be used in browser environments.

How to migrate

To migrate, simply uninstall the old package, install this new package, and update all your require/import statements. There are no changes between the last published version of the @openfeature/js-sdk and the first published version of the @openfeature/server-sdk. Note that we have re-released all the relevant community-provided artifacts hosted in our js-contribs repository, and modified them to include a peer dependency on the @openfeature/server-sdk. You will need to migrate in order to consume the latest versions of these components.