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OpenFeature December 2023 Update: We're Incubating & more!

· 4 min read
Stacey Potter
Program Manager, Open Source Community at Dynatrace

December 2023 Update

Hello OpenFeature Community 👋

Happy holidays and a very happy new year in the coming weeks! There’s a lot happening as we wind down the year, so keep reading! As always, we thank you for your continued support and contributions and look forward to an exciting new year in 2024!

OpenFeature is now an Incubating Project! 🎉

🤩 We are ecstatic to announce that the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s Technical Oversight Committee has promoted OpenFeature to Incubating project status! 🎉 Many thanks to our wonderful community of maintainers, contributors, and users! 🙏 ✨

📰 Read more about incubation and the future of OpenFeature here.

New & Notable

Governance Committee Elections!

We’re happy to announce the OpenFeature Governance Committee Elections are now open! 🗳️ At this time we’re inviting all OpenFeature GitHub Org Members, Approvers, and Maintainers to review the list of candidates, then cast your vote for 4 current committee members (with 1 year term) and 3 new candidates (via helios using your GitHub account).

Voting period is open through January 31, 2024. For more information on the election process, please see the following:

SDK Compatibility Overview

You can now see the status and supported features of the OpenFeature SDKs in a simplified visual matrix for both Server-side and Client-side SDKs. Check it out here.

OpenFeature Remote Evaluation Protocol

The OpenFeature Remote Evaluation Protocol is an initiative that focuses on defining a vendor-agnostic mechanism for performing flag evaluation over a network. For more information, please refer to the meeting notes from the initial Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting, or the GitHub Discussion


If you are familiar with the architecture of a particular feature flagging solution please participate in this survey. It aims to understand what's important to existing projects and vendors so that we can incorporate the feedback into the OpenFeature specification. 


We welcome contributors of all kinds! Please visit us on GitHub, check out our Contributing Guidelines and Contributor Ladder, and if you're ready to dive-in here's a collection of Good First Issues!

Roadmap 🛣️

If you'd like to see what we're working on and what we've got planned, please check out the OpenFeature Roadmap here

Shout Outs 👏

🥇 We’d like to make a special shout out and huge thank you to the newest member of our Technical Committee, Lukas Reining! 🎉   

Lukas is an IT Consultant at Codecentric and is also a Maintainer of the OpenFeature JavaScript SDK. His interest in OpenFeature began when his team was evaluating feature flagging solutions for one of their projects. OpenFeature helped them try out different solutions and even shift later.  

“Feature flagging is a great technique for teams and organizations, and OpenFeature has the potential to help get the most value out of this.”  

You can find Lukas on GitHub and Twitter.  

Join the OpenFeature Org on GitHub!

If you’re a contributing member, but haven’t joined the OpenFeature Project Org yet, we’d like to invite you to do so (this also means you can vote in the GC elections)! Here’s how:

Upcoming Events & Recent Talks

Events 🗓️

Join us on the CNCF OpenFeature Community Chapter. This is where we will list all our upcoming events & meetings with details on how to join. Upcoming meetings: 

Recent Talks 📺

💬 Connect with Us! 🤝

Subscribe to our low traffic CNCF Mailing List to stay up to date on project announcements, events, and more! 

💬 Chat with us on CNCF Slack in the #openfeature channel. If you are not part of the CNCF slack workspace already, you can get an invite here. You can also follow us on all the socials: Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube